Sunday, 26 May 2013

Welcome to The Business of 21st Century

One of the Millennium development goal that was officially established following the millennium summit of U.N in 2000 and indeed ranked  in a list of 8 is Eradicating Poverty and Hunger among member states by 2015.

2015 is approaching pretty first. how do we make this dream a reality?

Internet marketing Africa in partnership with a top international marketing company in the unites states (Traffic wave) This year January developed for us (Pupils with Internet skills, connectivity and basic computer skills) a simple system that we can use to grow our incomes greatly on line. This system is so simple that any ordinarily person with computer skills and with an Internet connection can be able to actually utilize and make good cash with.

Since official launch early this year the program has gone viaral on social media and has been able to attract a total of 8000 plus members( the list keep growing each minute). The good thing with this program is that it is actually a global thing. With its Africa offices in Nairobi Kenyan Internet marketers/enterpreuers stands the greatest chance to benefit form this system.

I want to be unfair to you in a way. I dont wanna teach you more here coz you might not understand or you might misunderstand me somewhere . Instead i want to invite you to a seminer that we will be having and we have been having every saturday starting 1. p.m at our Internet marketting Africa offices Located at Moi avenue Commerce House Next to Kenya Cinema plazza or call me Denis Micheni (0723315919) anytime for further infomation any time this year 2013

Please Call first to book appointment and for current information on the same as you are aware this blog will be online forever and some of its info might get updated or outdated as days go by.

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